Changing Behaviour, Driving Results

About Simitri

Founded in 2003, Simitri Group International is a communication skills training, coaching and consulting company. We improve our clients’ bottom line by transforming both individual and team behaviour.

By combining our business expertise, industry knowledge and some of the most effective courseware, techniques and tools from around the world, we provide our clients with uniquely personalised solutions that address their issues and requirements.

With our globally-based consultants and centralised logistical support, Simitri acts as a single point of contact for training worldwide. Our structure allows Simitri to deliver in the local language with local expertise; saving our clients’ time and money as well as ensuring smooth planning and delivery every time.

Simitri is about change. Changing behaviours, attitudes, perceptions and mindsets to drive business results.

The Simitri Advantage

There are a number of training, coaching and consulting companies in the market, so why partner with Simitri? Here are the key benefits of partnering with us:


  • Training, coaching and consulting delivered by business executives. Simitri consultants are senior business executives with years of experience in Fortune 1,000 companies.
  • Global delivery in your local language. With offices globally, your employees will receive the same training, coaching and consulting delivered in the local language.
  • Access to a local team of facilitators. Our offices are staffed with people from that country who understand the local customs and can apply this insight to all of our engagements.
  • Proven courseware, tools and techniques. We combine our knowledge and experience with some of the best courseware, tools and delivery techniques from around the globe.
  • Customisation of services. Since the concerns of every company are different, we work with your management team before each engagement to ensure we deliver what you need.
  • Single Point of Contact (SPOC). Simitri removes the hassle of logistics, invoicing, coordination, production and programme management. This approach reduces your costs and drives efficient delivery.

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