Social Media Selling Skills

Simitri partnered with a multinational insurance company to develop a social media selling skills workshop for sales agents across Asia Pacific using Facebook, LinkedIn, Line, and WhatsApp. The programme included customised digital content developed specifically for the programme. Videos and e-books addressed the difficult challenge of delivering training content to agents who would not otherwise have access to training.



A global insurance company needed to align the social media selling skills of thousands of sales agents across Asia Pacific. The training solution needed to be flexible so that it can be delivered in person or via digital file download in areas where agents did not have access to a training centre and/or where internet connections were not stable.



Simitri created a three-module solution covering several facets of selling on social media. The training included half-day in-class workshops with custom videos and e-books developed by Simitri. The videos and e-books were available to download as a supplement to the in-class session, or as self-directed learning where in-class workshops were not available.



Reception to the material was strong, with an initial pilot in four markets and roll-out plans in five additional markets in Asia Pacific.

Multiple channels for delivering the content


Train-the-Trainer Sessions

Simitri delivered 3 day train-the-trainer sessions to each markets’ local training team, in local language, with a focus on how to translate the training content into action.


In-class Delivery

Client trainers rolled out the programme to the sales agents through highly interactive training sessions, with hands-on activities, localised case studies, and social media profile and content planning sessions.


Self-Directed Online Learning

Simitri developed engaging videos and e-books in close partnership with the client. Content is hosted in local markets with planning tools and templates for agents to download on iPads, smartphones, and laptop computers.