Customised Role-Plays

Simitri worked with a multinational health care company to help standardise the business negotiations approach across all divisions using a single proven framework. As part of the learning journey, the participants were given real-life role-play scenarios that were tailored for the specific business challenges and workflow of each business unit.



A multinational heath care company sought to improve the negotiation skills of leaders across its various businesses. While negotiators were delivering positive results, the programme sponsors saw the need to standardise the negotiation process under a consistent and proven framework. Training would target key stakeholders in Brokerage, Claims and Placement.



Drawing on Simitri’s proven negotiations framework, the Global Solutions Team developed customised role-plays based on real-life scenarios experienced by the client’s business leaders. Each division was given a unique scenario with elements that were tailored to their own business needs and workflow.


Development Process

Simitri interviewed department heads and negotiators to better understand situations, stakeholders, variables and outcomes that were most relevant to the business and workshop content. Raw data was then developed into three case studies, each with an engaging narrative, A/B roles, variables for negotiating, and hidden information that can be uncovered through effective probing.

Negotiation Role-Play Scenarios

Customised industry role-plays help participants to apply their skills to real-life situations that they regularly encounter in the workplace.

Unique challenges facing each role

Hidden information to discover through probing

Scenario Overview Role A and Role B

Variables for negotiating to the best outcome