Virtual Webinar Curriculum

Simitri created a programme of highly-customised virtual instructor-led training (vILT) webinars to help a global software company to drive a cultural shift throughout the region. The content helped employees develop the right mindset, manage themselves, and collaborate with stakeholders as they adapted to major changes facing the industry.



As a multinational information technology company faced the challenges of transitioning to cloud-based computing, senior management sought to develop competencies of 850 employees spread throughout Asia Pacific. Key focus areas included mindset and motivation, adapting to change and building better relationships internally and externally



Simitri developed a customised course featuring three webinars focused on developing the right mindset, managing myself and collaborating with stakeholders. Attendees joined remotely from 11 countries, with select facilitated sessions in English, Japanese, Korean, and Mandarin.



Engagement from participants and managers was very high. Of those attending the first session, 96% returned for the second session and 92% returned again for the third. With strong feedback and observable behavioural changes, senior management expanded the programme into new business units in China, India and US.

Simitri Virtual Instructor-led Training


High Degree of Flexibility

Teams join remotely, across long distances from their own desks, ensuring consistency anywhere in the world.

Designed for Interactivity

Interactive tools such as chat, whiteboard, polls, breakout  sessions, keep participants  engaged in the content.


Quality Delivery

Simitri facilitators and producers are experts at adapting learnings to a virtual environment.