Diversity & Inclusion

Using Diversity and Inclusion to Maximise Your Abilities

Using Diversity and Inclusion to Maximise Your Abilities

A Congress London Keynote by Katherine Baker

Simitri facilitator and coach Katherine Baker recently spoke at Congress London to show how one can unleash personal potential through embracing diversity and inclusion. Katherine has lived and worked all around the world, including Texas, Paris, London, New York, and Singapore. Many of her clients are multi-national organisations with offices around the globe. Through her experience with such a diverse group of clients, colleagues, and friends, Katherine has realised how embracing diversity and being truly interested in the people around you can help you learn about yourself and therefore maximise your personal and professional potential. 

 About Congress London

Founded by eight women in 2016, Congress strives to create a platform in London where women can connect with other women. Written about in the Evening Standard, Marie Claire, and Forbes, Congress hosts regular large events that are led by industry experts on a variety of topics aimed at enabling women to progress in their own careers and overcome roadblocks to their dreams. Topics have included personal branding, influencing, negotiation, managing your finances, and the importance of diversity. Each event enables participants to come away with actionable guidance that they can use immediately to improve their working life. Simitri is proud to support Congress London. 

Learn more at www.congress-london.com