Sales & Marketing

Simitri’s sales & marketing topics help business professionals to improve outcomes in the areas of new business development, client management, customer service, and marketing. Simitri draws on the principle that business professionals can become trusted advisors to their clients by demonstrating that they are credible, capable, and compatible when interacting with others. Critical skills include building rapport, probing effectively, listening actively, and delivering a compelling message, all before attempting to gain commitment. This method can be applied to individual meetings and phone conversations, as well as over the course of an ongoing relationship.

In the area of marketing, Simitri focuses on setting a value proposition, planning an approach, and delivering integrated marketing campaigns at both the strategic and tactical levels. Our content is developed and maintained by a team of experienced marketing professionals and is intended to be tailored for your specific challenges in your region and industry. Simitri has helped our clients to standardise sales and marketing approaches across their organisations so that professionals deliver consistent messages to represent their companies on a range of platforms and contexts.

Training Topics

  • Being a Trusted Advisor
  • Consultative Selling
  • Building Your Value Proposition
  • The Winning Pitch
  • Pipeline Management
  • Key Client Management
  • Customer Service
  • Harnessing Social Media

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Flexible Delivery OPTIONS

Each training topic is available on a variety of training platforms that are flexible in duration, format, and methodology. Simitri can work with your team to create a blended learning solution, which adapts the content and approach for your unique business requirements.