New At Simitri

What’s New at Simitri?

Occasionally, as we have passed new milestones it’s helpful to reflect on the updates we’ve made throughout the previous year. We’ve launched a number of exciting new workshops, revamped our website and blog, and have also developed new approaches that extend learning beyond the classroom.

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New Programmes and Approaches

Innovate with Design Thinking

Based on the highly successful innovation approach used by many leading design firms, this course takes participants through the process of understanding problems more deeply, generating radical alternatives, testing proposals, and refining solutions. Not exclusive to “creatives”, design thinking can be applied in a broad variety of business contexts to solve complex problems. Participants do not need a design background to use the model in their work.

Creating a Sustainable Coaching Culture

Most truly great companies understand the role that leaders have in coaching and developing their team members. Simitri has developed a series of short modules that push the development of coaching skills far beyond a single workshop. With multiple burst engagements delivered over time, we help your company develop a long-lasting coaching culture for your leaders and managers.

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Effective feedback can have a positive impact on team performance by building self-awareness, addressing problems, and driving motivation and engagement. On the other hand, ineffective feedback can cause major problems. This course explores the proper approach to delivering feedback, receiving feedback without feeling threatened or defensive, and also how to employ self-feedback to identify your own strengths and potential areas for improvement.

Virtual Learning Solutions

As corporates increasingly look for ways to extend learning beyond the classroom, Simitri is continually developing unique, highly customised solutions for our clients.

Our latest virtual learning solutions combine several different learning methods on a given topic. Approaches include webinars, online resource libraries, action learning group projects, web apps, coaching, and facilitated manager discussions.

Each solution is tailored to the specific needs of the participants and can be delivered over the space of weeks or months. Please be in touch with a Simitri consultant to learn more about how a solution can be developed for your unique business challenges.

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