Managed Learning Services

Increasingly, corporations are outsourcing learning administration processes in order to make the most of their budgets and to guarantee that the greatest expertise is applied to each learning solution. Simitri offers a full range of managed learning services that relieve administrative pressures and free your team to focus on results.

Simitri Services


demand planning

Training needs analysis, competency assessment, learning strategy, budget development, and demand planning. 


content management

Curriculum management, licensing, certification, content updates, and deployment at the local, regional, and global levels.


vendor Management

Consolidated invoicing, vendor assessment, vendor relationship management, and training research and certifications.



Workshop enrolment, venue management, materials production, catering, certification, and pre- and post-workshop logistical support.


LMS management

LMS deployment on client or hosted infrastructure; administrative services including enrolment, tracking, and reporting.


evaluation & Measurement

Tracking the impact of training with solutions ranging from workshop quality to overall return on investment.


Case Study

Simitri delivers managed learning in manufacturing