Our Approach to Learning

Simitri’s expert facilitators draw on proven methodologies to deliver training workshops anywhere in the world. Whether delivering in-class, virtually, in large groups, or one-on-one, Simitri has you covered at the ground level.


Facilitation with a Business Perspective

Simitri facilitators are former business executives from Fortune 1000 companies. First-hand experience allows facilitators to put theory into the context of real-world business solutions and to present examples drawn from their own successes and challenges.

Simitri facilitators are locally-based and able to combine local language skills, market experience, and cultural knowledge with a perspective gained from a successful career in a multinational corporation.

Simitri facilitators also connect with participants before the workshop to better understand the challenges and opportunities facing their teams. This helps the facilitator to further tailor their approach for each group.


Flexible Delivery OPTIONS

Each training topic is available on a variety of training platforms that are flexible in duration, format, and methodology. Simitri can work with your team to create a blended learning solution with the right topics, duration, and flow. In every case, Simitri adapts the content and approach for the unique requirements facing you and your team.


Learn by doing

During the workshop, we encourage open and constructive feedback. We want participants to become aware of their individual strengths and areas for improvement and to see how the content relates to their success in the workplace. Whether delivered in a classroom, online, or as a self-directed module, we use a variety of tools to encourage engagement with the content:


Icebreakers & Energisers

Interactive Discussion

Group Activities

Case Studies & Role-Plays

Articles & Readings

Audio & Videos Clips

Questionnaires & Surveys

Simulations & Games

Experiential Learning 

Peer Coaching

Facilitator’s Feedback

Action Planning


self-reflection and action planning

Each session is designed with mileposts for self-reflection and action planning. At the end of the workshop, participants consider what they will start, stop, and continue doing once they return to the workplace. By returning with a clear plan of action, participants are more likely to retain and apply what they have learned.

tailoring the solution

Simitri uses the ADKAR adult learning methodology

The ADKAR model is a goal-oriented approach to guide individuals and teams through behavioural and cultural change. When applied to teams, it helps leaders align their team members towards a common goal and encourages team members to collaborate for higher performance. When applied to individuals, it increases self-awareness and desire, while delivering new tools for personal and professional growth.

Understanding the need to develop and apply the concepts and ideas introduced during the workshop into the workplace.

Building the motivation and desire to improve and change by applying the workshop concepts and ideas.

Gaining the knowledge, skills, and behaviour to achieve success.

Practicing the mindset and behaviour under the guidance of the Simitri facilitator.

Understanding what is working well, as well as identifying additional development areas for improvement.