Resilience in the Face of Change

Our very own Katherine Baker spoke at the Like Minds Ideas Festival UK 2018 to examine how one can lead resilient organisations that are forward thinking, embrace change, and look for emerging opportunities. With Brexit, emerging technology, and the new millennial way of working, leaders need to be adept at thriving with change. One of the main concerns of CEOs today is how they are going to be able to adapt quickly to the faster-than-ever pace of change. But with change comes the chance to do something new, different, and potentially positively disruptive.

Talking Price

IMAGINE IT IS two weeks before an important pitch. You are putting the finishing touches to the proposal, but something does not look right. You tell your manager that the price seems high and remind him that you missed out on a recent contract when offering a similar rate. First, there is silence, then comes the answer you did not want: "We need this fee to make the project worthwhile.”