virtual instructor-led training

Built on Simitri’s proven approach to in-class training, our training webinars engage your team members wherever they are. Delivered in an online environment, participants can join remotely from their computer and interact with a facilitator and fellow participants. This approach combines the flexibility and cost advantages of virtual instruction with our proven content and training expertise.


extending the reach of learning

Webinars are ideal when engaging teams over large geographical areas and for extending the learning over a period of time. Simitri uses vILT webinars for kickoff and post-workshop follow-up sessions, or by dividing modules into sections delivered over a period of time.

Webinars allow L&D teams much greater flexibility than in the past to plan for long-term objectives. 


Case Study

Simitri delivered a series of webinars to drive organisational change

simitri webinar features

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Certified Facilitators

Certified facilitators adapt Simitri’s training approach to a virtual environment, ensuring full engagement with each participant. Simitri's certification process is designed to help each facilitator adapt their unique training approach to the engagement tools on each virtual platform.


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Technical Support

Simitri’s internal production teams lend technical and logistical support before, during, and after each session. Simitri's certified producers join each session to make sure participants are logged in and can transition smoothly between activities and breakouts. Our approach allows the facilitator to focus on the content and the participants.

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Interactive Tools

Chats, whiteboards, questionnaires, and breakout sessions enhance learning and drive interaction. Each webinar is designed with interaction in mind. Effective learning means that participants are not passively observing, but actively engaged with the facilitator, the content, and with each other.

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Global Coverage

Simitri’s globally-based team can deliver sessions to participants in all time zones and in a variety of available languages. When rolling out large-scale webinar programmes, our coverage allows you to engage your remote teams at a time that works best for the team members.

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flexibility and agility

Flexible durations ranging from 1 to 3 hours and delivered on a platform of your choice (Simitri or a client platform). Reduced travel planning and venue booking means that teams can adapt very quickly to new training needs as they arise.

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cost savings

Eliminate venue and travel expenses; focus your budget on the content while broadening your reach. This means your teams can deploy more sessions with larger budget space for content development and follow-up activities.