Learning at the Speed of Business

Wanted to share a great article in the May 2016 McKinsey Quarterly about corporate academies and their role in the 21st Centuries. In 2014 the McKinsey team queried some 1,500 global executives about capability building within their companies. Last year, they followed up with a more targeted survey of around 120 senior learning and development (L&D) officers about the present and future of their corporate academies. The May issue delivers some of the top level findings that every L&D professional should at least be thinking about.

McKinsey presents a vision of a corporate academy that: 1) delivers cloud-based learning that is mobile and multiplatform, 2) reinforces a culture of social learning (e.g. real-time feedback, peer-to-peer sharing and networking), 3) draws on deep analytics for diagnostics and impact measurement, 4) still provide off-site “brick and mortar” facilities that separate the learning experience from the daily grind.

Companies are already embracing digital platforms for self-directed learning “at the speed of business”. An overwhelming majority of CLOs surveyed felt that their current digital capabilities were lower than they needed to be and recognise the need to improve. Still, face-to-face instruction and experiential learning in a physical space are not going away any time soon – workers need to get away from their desks once in a while in order to create change. McKinsey suggests that the end result may be a “blended learning” approach that combines instructor-led in-class trainings, virtual instructor-led webinars, self-directed e-learning modules and employee-generated content libraries.

You can read the full article here.

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