Personal resilience

Resilience in the Face of Change

Resilience in the Face of Change

A Like Minds Keynote by Katherine Baker

Our very own Katherine Baker spoke at the Like Minds Ideas Festival UK 2018 to examine how one can lead resilient organisations that are forward thinking, embrace change, and look for emerging opportunities. With Brexit, emerging technology, and the new millennial way of working, leaders need to be adept at thriving with change. One of the main concerns of CEOs today is how they are going to be able to adapt quickly to the faster-than-ever pace of change. But with change comes the chance to do something new, different, and potentially positively disruptive.

Katherine works to enhance leadership abilities by installing an understanding of powerful and motivational communication skills. The ability to truly lead with authenticity, commitment, and resilience enables great leadership and corporate productivity. She has also worked across many diverse cultures in Asia, Europe, and America from start-ups to FTSE 100 companies in order to help prepare leaders for the top positions in their companies.

Katherine was also responsible for co-founding Congress London, a women’s support and mentoring network that helps women to progress their own careers and become inspirational leaders. Featured in Marie Claire magazine, The Evening Standard, and appearing in many blogs, Katherine hosts Congress London's regular large events for their members, which are led by industry experts. The aim of these events is for each person to come away with actionable guidance that they can use immediately to improve their working life. Topics have ranged from goal setting, personal branding, influencing, negotiation, and managing your finances.

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