community development

Community development is an integral part of Simitri’s DNA and has been since the foundation of the company. Not only are responsibility and social good at the core of our business (which focuses on developing others and improving the well-being of our clients), but we also take steps to engage and develop the communities in which we operate. As a result, the benefits of our efforts, such as our work with Tabitha in Cambodia or our drive to reduce our carbon footprint, now go well beyond Simitri and the work we deliver to our clients.

Simitri’s community programme covers a broad range of initiatives, from donating refurbished IT equipment to local charities to playing an integral role in building the first Tabitha school in Sapor Province, Cambodia, The Sue Huxley School, named in honour of our founding partner’s wife, Sue.

Simitri’s focus on sustainability has us moving our business towards paperless certification. In addition, we are reducing our carbon footprint by utilising natural light in the office to reduce energy consumption and by delivering more web-based consulting to reduce our many hours of flying. It is not always easy to achieve sustainability within a rapidly expanding global company, but we are continually reassessing our practices and are very positive about the progress we are making.