Information Privacy

At Simitri Group International, we take steps to protect the sensitive information provided to us by our clients.

We pledge to never disclose to a third party any sensitive information obtained from a client via e-mail, surveys and questionnaires, training workshops, coaching engagements, consulting projects, eLearning, vILT sessions, mobile apps, or by any other means unless given express permission from the client to do so. Any data that is stored digitally must be kept password protected in a secure environment and maintained in accordance with the latest IT security best practices.

Our IT security policies and practices include, but are not limited to, network security, e-mail security, data backup, guest access, malware protection, information retention, office facilities security, outsourcing, third party partnerships, incident response, and IT training of our staff.

We consider the services we deliver to our clients as important to the success of their businesses. We understand that any information shared from a client may be sensitive and treat it with the same vigilance with which we treat our own company data and intellectual property. We view this practice as fundamental to building a trusting relationship and as essential to our success as a consulting company.