Environmental Sustainability

At Simitri Group International, we strive to grow our business in an environmentally sustainable way and have been cultivating eco-efficient practices to improve our energy management and resource conservation.

Our environmental footprint consists primarily of carbon emissions generated from business travel, office energy consumption, and printed materials delivered to our clients. We are committed to addressing all of these as a means of improving our overall environmental performance.

In so doing, we recognise the challenges of achieving a fully sustainable business. The strong increase in demand for our services and our expansion into emerging growth markets over the past year has resulted in an increase in air travel. We are now addressing this problem by hiring more local consultants based in locations where our work is delivered. This transition typically occurs as we develop the market to the point that we can take on full-time local hires. Additionally, we are encouraging more meetings to be conducted using web-based technologies to connect our people to our clients around the world.

To address emissions in other areas, we are monitoring and reducing office electricity consumption though best practices such as utilising natural light. We are also working with our clients to deliver more course material electronically in order to decrease the consumption of paper and energy required to print and ship course materials.

With these practices and others, Simitri is committed to becoming an environmentally responsible company and a model for others to follow.